The MAD Goddess writes out loud with candor and humor about the changing landscape of life for women with retired husbands,
adult children, and grandchildren. It's not always a pretty story,
but it's usually pretty funny.

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About Me

The MAD Goddess

The MAD Goddess is a Priestess in the Old Craft tradition,
a certified Yoga instructor, Master Reiki practitioner,
SoulCollage® facilitator and Certified Life Strategies Consultant.

In addition to empowering midlife women
through her writing, she offers spirit-full life direction
for those seeking personal development and a deeper
connection with all aspects of the Divine.
Her Second Childhood Playshops™|
provide a fun and creative approach
to manifesting purpose, passion and pizzazz
in the second half of life.

Join her in the journey though midlife and beyond.

An Ageless Attitude

"The Middle Aged Goddess first made herself known to me about the time I was saying so long to my thirties. I quickly nicknamed her the MAD Goddess, for she spoke to me from the heart of my wildest yearnings to have reign over my own life. She is a madwoman in every mirthful, fearful and powerful nuance of the word. She has taught me that life at this point isn't about growing older, it's about developing an ageless attitude. And the MAD Goddess has Attitude with a capital A.

Losing my youth wasn't easy, but the MAD Goddess in me saw the perks -  patience, tolerance, compassion and empathy. It's so much easier to not sweat the small stuff when you have your eye on the bigger picture. And easier, yet, to discern what is truly important in your life - health, happiness and the pursuit of respect, to name a few.

And then there is all that wisdom that comes with age; the boatload of mistakes made and lessons learned (most often the hard way). One thing I've learned is to laugh through it all, because nobody  listens to the whining. By far, the most powerful lesson I've learned from the MAD Goddess is to speak my mind when it matters. Others will place no more value on you than you place on yourself, give you no more respect than you give yourself, nor love you any more than you love yourself.

Now, this inner voice compels me to be her "mouthpiece" and share our tales from the road of midlife and beyond. So I'm sharing

I hope you'll join me in the journey.

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